The next generation!

Our history, their future!

With #fakenews being a daily topic, our current students and future generations have more to say for themselves than their predecessors, 

Thank you to the parents, the educators, who understand the value of teaching our children about truth and justice, no matter how big the giant you may face to get it. For teaching them it's ok to stand up, speak out and fight for what they believe is right.

Below are a couple of standout moments where the young stood out from the crowd and took direct action.

The young get involved

St Helens and Knowsley Young Labour

St Helens and Knowsley Young Labour Support Total Eclipse Of The s*n

2016-17AT7 - total eclipse of the sn motion. 

St Helens and Knowsley Young Labour. 

read the motion here 

Carmel Student Council

Carmel college supports a total Eclipse Of The s*n

In Feb 2018, After petitioning their local Spar supermarket. The students successfully negotiated with the manager to cease stocking the rag. 

Rivals not enemies!

Shaun Cahill, 16, A Birkenhead teen persuaded his local Spar to stop stocking the S*n, despite being an avid Man United supporter himself.

read more here

Sansiro Youth

Sansiro youth in chorley has total eclipse of the s*n campaign badges on all kits and a matching banner, spreading the word from game to game.

GMB NW & Irish Young Members

@GMBYoungMembers call for a total eclipse of the S*n newspaper, and tells all members to join the campaign!


The support for the campaign at Glastonbury 2017 was amazing! Young Max from Huyton took our flag, Thousands of people showing their support whilst smiling and hating the s*n

Why Liverpool banned the S*n

Natalie Westerman

Published on 8 Mar 2018

Why Liverpool banned the S*n  

I am an English student and for my unit which was themed "fake news", I created a documentary