We sell newspapers, but we dont't sell the sun!

With over 300 recorded shops no longer selling the sun newspaper, we have created a map, so wherever you are, you can find your nearest shop that doesn't stock the rag.

Total Eclipse of The S*n SHOP LIST

All shapes and sizes,

Although the independent retailers are our main focus, theres nothing like taking on the "big boys" to make a splash, below are some of our stories with the larger chains.

Supermarket Stories


July 2016

After protesting at the Belle vale branch, Morrisons managers decided to take the rag off their 2 local superstore shelves


August 2016

Asda Stores Liverpool.

Asda's VP Operations has today sanctioned that the S*n "newspaper" will no longer be sold in local Asda stores.


September 2016

Tescos store managers make local decisions to stop stocking the s*n newspapers, to date over 10 stores have verified theyve joined in.

Co op

March 2017

After protests and meetings with head office, the co-op agree to stop stocking it in Liverpool.


November 2017

Sainsbury's Liverpool don't sell the s*n.

We are pleased to confirm that further to recent conversations with local management and the various demonstrations at stores, Sainsbury's in Liverpool no longer sell the s*n.


2016 / 2017

Individuals have had great success with Spar Shops and garages, members have asked at least 15 establishments to stop selling, to which they have agreed,

Why we: Don't Buy the S*n

Published on 13 Nov 2016

Why we: Don't Buy the S*n - Co-op demonstration against the Sun newspaper in Liverpool.

Why we: Don't Buy the Sun Documentary updates -