Our Members

Without our members we are nothing!

They take the message to the far reaches of the earth, all with a smile on their faces.


Scores of active members take the campaign on their travels, armed with stickers and leaflets, T shirts and banners, no place is untouched, they will never rest until there is a #Totaleclipseofthesun

Don't forget to tag us into your pictures!

To date members have arranged that :

 * over 300 stores do not stock the rag.

* our three local football clubs have denied access to s*n 'journalists' as have several other non league and grassroots/ junior clubs.

* 11 local councils have backed the campaign and asked all stores to cease selling. 

* hundreds of establishments take a stance by displaying literature.

* 80 taxis have been paid for by members to be wrapped.

 "The rag is in the gutter" - Kelvin's own boast.  

We are not! The rag's gotta go.