Football Clubs


Along with Everton FC & Liverpool FC who have took a formal stance against the newspaper and will not allow S*n journalists into any of their facilities or grounds, many other league and grassroots teams have all made a similar pledge.

The Football supporters federation have passed a motion and urged all fan clubs to get behind the campaign and unite in this matter.

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Rivals not enemies!

When rivals agree on one subject, it is thought provoking.

Clubs from many regions have took a principled stance against the rag. 

Fans from football clubs all over the world, say it loud and clear #SunNotWelcomeHere.

Our gallery shows, digital flyers that fan groups have requested, some of these groups have had their deisgns made into banners.

Thanks to our football families for getting involved and taking their banners to their games.

Leicester City fans show support

Leicester City fans raise the Total Eclipse of the S*n banner 2 Oct 2016