Council Involvement

Council Motions

There has now been 11 Councils who have passed motions to call on local retailers to stop selling the S*n, furthermore to support the campaign and the endeavours to educate and spread awareness.

The Councils include :

Liverpool City Council, 

Strabane & Derry Council, 

Wirral Council, 

West Lancashire Council, 

Sefton Council, 

Preston Council, 

St Helens Council, 

Knowsley Council, 

Halton Council,

West Cheshire and Chester Council, 

Flintshire County Council

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Liverpool City Council

14th September 2016

Liverpool City Council become the first to pass a motion to call on retailers to cease stocking the s*n.

Derry & Strabane District Council

29th September 2016

Derry City & Strabane District Council joined Liverpool to pass the motion to boycott the s*n.

Wirral Council

17th October 2016

Wirral Council passes motion in a unified, unanimous decision.

West Lancashire Council

19th October 2016

West Lancashire Council is the 4th to pass the motion, and people wonder if the ball is rolling.

Sefton Council

17th November 2016

Sefton Council joins the campaign and passes a motion to call on all retailers in their area to stop selling the s*n.

Preston Council

15th December 2016

Preston Council become the 6th authority to pass the motion, with 30 votes for.

St Helens Council

18th January 2017

St Helens Council's motion lead by Councillor Shields, recognises and will never forget the hurt cause by the s*n.

Knowsley Borough Council

25th January 2017

Knowsley Borough Council was unanimously voted for and they ask all shops to remove it from the shelves.

Halton Council

12th July 2017

Halton Council completes the Merseyside region authorities with another unanimous vote to support the campaign Total eclipse of the s*n.

West Cheshire & Chester Council

20th July 2017

West Cheshire & Chester Council motion put forward by Councillor Paul Donovan join in taking a principled stance against the s*n.

Flintshire Council

27th Septmebr 2017

Flintshire Council shows their moral support in agreeing with Councillor Bernie Attridges Motion to condem the s*n.

St Helens Council Motion heard

Total Eclipse of The S*n - St. Helens Council Hearing

Apr 2017