Total Eclipse of the s*n

Campaign which promotes people, stores, businesses, institutions and all who take a stand against the sun 'newspaper'.

Why were aiming for a total eclipse of the s*n.

--- Why ? ---

The events at the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest on 15 April 1989 will never be forgotten. Leaving 96 Liverpool fans dead and 766 injured, it was not only Liverpool that was left distraught as the whole country was united in shock and grief over the worst sporting disaster in British history.

On 19 April, just four days into the grief Liverpool was suffering, tabloid 'newspaper'

the s*n printed a front page story about the tragedy. Under the headline 'The Truth', chosen by the s*n's then editor Kelvin MacKenzie, they claimed Liverpool fans had pick-pocketed, sexually abused and urinated upon their own dead. They also claimed Liverpool fans had violently attacked and urinated upon police, firemen and ambulance crews.

These vile allegations, printed as truth, have been proved to be lies.

They were an insult to those who died in the tragedy.

They were an insult to grieving family and friends of the dead.
They were an insult to football fans either helplessly crushed on the day of the disaster or those who actually tried to help.

This smear, this deceit was also an insult to the entire people of Liverpool, perpetrated at a time when they were at their most vulnerable.

The reaction on Merseyside was one of outrage. Since that day many stores have voluntarily ceased to sell the s*n. 

Many people on Merseyside have chosen to boycott the s*n and other media outlets also owned by proprietor of the s*n, Rupert Murdoch. 

Sales of the s*n have plummeted in Liverpool and have never recovered.

In the aftermath, mealy-mouthed apologies have sporadically been issued by the s*n, Kelvin MacKenzie and representatives of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, who own the s*n. 

Many believe that these apologies were insincere and were intended solely to combat falling sales of the 'newspaper' in Liverpool and a national boycott instigated by Hillsborough Justice Campaign.

Such suspicions seemed vindicated in late 2006 when Kelvin MacKenzie retracted his own apology, saying he apologised because the 'newspaper''s owner, Rupert Murdoch, had ordered him to do so, stating “I was not sorry then and I'm not sorry now”.

It took until 2012 for the s*n to apologise for its disgusting coverage with as much prominence, on the front page, as it had offered to its hurtful lies.

Too little, too late!

--- What we do ---

This campaign hopes to inform people of the reasons a boycott of the s*n 'newspaper' famously exists in Liverpool.
Its hopes are to extend that boycott.
We do so by raising awareness of the s*n's coverage, of the boycott and of our own campaign.

This campaign is a positive one.

We champion stores and businesses that take part in the boycott. 

We prefer not to name and shame stores and businesses that do not take part.

We offer a choice.
We approach businesses and individuals and ask them to observe the boycott and support or join the campaign.
We print maps showing you which stores you can choose to shop in should you wish to support outlets taking part in the boycott.

It is our belief that people deserve a better 'newspaper' than the s*n.
We promote the right of principled newsagents not to sell the s*n.

It is our belief that the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster should never be forgotten.

It is our belief that the s*n 'newspaper' should never be forgiven.

--- What you can do ---

Join our positive campaign!
Add your friends to out Facebook group.
Approach your local stores and ask them to take part in the boycott.
Choose to spend your money in stores that observe the boycott. 

Collect posters and stickers from any of our collection points to give to businesses willing to join the campaign.
Print your own posters from artwork we supply to give to participating businesses in your area.
Help us in raising awareness of the boycott, this campaign and the reasons we do this.

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